Monk Grégoire (Krug) Iconography Project

Monk Grégoire (Krug) Iconography Project

Monk Grégoire (Krug) (1908-1969) was a pioneer monastic iconographer in France that was able to mix traditional Orthodox iconography and combine it with unique features to draw one to his work and to prayer. Because of the age of some of his work, I intend to capture some of this labor of love he did for his love God and his Holy Church and document it.

Saint Silouan Monastery - St Mars de Locquenay France - Fr Gregory (Krug) Icons - July 29, 2012

At Saint Silouan Monastery, they have a number of icons that are believed to done in part by Monk Gregoire (Krug) if not completely. It is difficult to verify, since few records exist concerning what was finished and when. Each icon is in a variety of conditions.

Three Saints Cathedral - Paris France - Fr Gregory (Krug) Icons - July 25, 2012

Three Saints Cathedral of the Moscow Patriarchate Diocese of Chersonese is located at 5 rue Pétel. The day I was there, was the anniversary of Father Gregory’s repose. The clergy and the diocesan communications officer graciously received me and allowed an opportunity to capture some of Father Gregory’s work mixed with Leonid Ouspensky’s. A great start to this project.