Site Dedication

This site is dedicated to the veneration of Saint Maria (Skobtsova) of Ravensbruck

I prayerfully dedicate this site and the work of this ongoing project to the memory and veneration of Saint Maria (Skobtsova) +1945, Martyr at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, and monastic and evangelist to the poor, needy, and faithful of Paris. She chose a path of witness, labor, and living out the love and life of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The lives she touched both with her presence and now with her spirit inspires monastics such as myself so that their vocation can be brought outside of the confines of a monastery to witness to the world the gospel in action.

May she live within us as an inspiration. A brief life of Saint Maria.

For further information regarding Saint Maria of Ravensbruck.

Through the intercessions of Saint Maria of Ravensbruck, may we become living icons of the living gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.